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Labins - Certified Section Corner records,  Control Points (NGS and USCGS), GLO Plats and GLO Field Notes Index, Tide Station Reports, Mean High Water Survey File Index, C.C.C.L. Data, Resampled DOQQs in the Jpeg format - Aerial Photos, Digital Line Graphs - USGS Quad Sheets in the AutoCAD Format, Scanned USGS Quad Sheets, USGS, NGS, Related Programming.

Board of Surveyors - Search by LB and LS numbers.  Note: Enter LB and LS Numbers as 7 Digit Numbers (Ex.  LB0001234) - License Search Page.

FDOT GPS Permanent Reference Network (CORS & Network RTK)  Original "MyFloridaGPS.com" Site.  CORS downloads still available.

FDOT GPS Permanent Reference Network (CORS & Network RTK)  New Site.  "MyFloridaGPS.com" is set to be migrated to this new site.  Register and get port assignments for Network RTK.

FDOT Aerial Photograph Archive  A collection of the FDOTs aerial photographs dating back to the 1940s.

NGS Data Sheets - National Database of Survey Control Points and Bench Marks.

Spanish Land Grant Records - A Database of Florida Spanish Land Grants.

Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund Documents - The Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund are the custodians of documents related Florida's governmental land holdings, and documents related to submerged land rights that have passed into private ownership. 

Florida (UF) Aerial Photograph Archive - Get access to historic Aerial Photographs dating back to 1937, hosted by the UF library.


Florida Surveying Related Laws & Publications

Florida Administrative Weekly

Florida Administrative Code, 5j-17 -  (2013 - a/k/a Minimum technical standards)

Florida Law - Chapter 472 - Land Surveying and Mapping (2013)

Florida Law - Chapter 177 - Land Boundaries (2013)


Florida Surveying Organizations

Florida Association of Cadastral Mappers

Florida Surveying and Mapping Society

University of Florida Geomatics Students Association


Florida Surveying Education

University of Florida - Geomatics (Gainesville)

University of Florida - Geomatics (Plant City)

University of Florida - Geomatics (Fort Lauderdale)

Florida Atlantic University - Geomatics Engineering